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Headed Back To School? Here's Our Ultimate Style Guide!

With Summer 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your Back To School Shopping Checklist. This classic tradition usually involves grabbing all the gear you need to make sure you’re prepared for your big first day, but, most importantly, this checklist gives you an excuse to update your closet and grab a few new outfits! No matter what your fashion style is, there’s always room in your wardrobe to add a few new pieces to your collection. 

One common issue with this is that a good majority of students aren’t a fan of spending a precious summer day aimlessly looking through stores trying to find their perfect outfit items. After browsing through four stores you may get tired of this tedious task and call it a day. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to continue reading! 

Today, I am here to put our ultimate style guide on display. For all those out there who dislike spending the day shopping for clothes, we have you covered! We have based our choices on style, quality, and price as our top priorities, ensuring that you can find the exact items you want. Keep reading to find one exclusive outfit that works perfectly for anyone looking for a pop of color on their first day back!

Tops for Guys: Blue Galaxy 3D Sweatshirt Hoodie Pullover

Price: $29.99
Sizes: S - 6XL

For anyone out there looking for that last pop of color to finalize your favorite outfit, this Blue Galaxy 3D Hoodie is about to become your best friend! This ultra-soft hoodie is curated with an athletic fit with a wide range of motion to ensure any activity can be complete. Composed of 82% Cotton & 18% Polyester, you can rely on this hoodie to maintain its size and not shrinking after one load in the laundry. The Ribbed Side Pannels add to the comfort to give you optimal breathability, while simultaneously boosting the flexibility of this pullover. Look your very best every time you put this sweater on and match it with our picks to make the ultimate outfit! 

Tops for Girls: Avocado Patch Button Summer Blouse

Price: $19.99
Sizes: S - 5XL

First up for the girls section of this list is the wonderful Avocado Patch Summer Blouse from Comfy Blouse. This adorable top is ready to be your companion on any fun-filled adventure! Coming in a lovely brown tone and a gorgeous blue, find the perfect color to finalize any outfit you please. Equipped with an O-Collar, this blouse offers nothing but the purest of comfort and optimal breathability. Not only that, but the avocado on this shirt is the cutest thing I’ve seen this month, and is sure to stay that way every day you wear it! Grab your favorite bottoms and boom, you have a fantastic outfit. P.S. this top goes perfect with the bottoms we have ni our guide, so stay tuned! 

Bottoms for Guys: Weekender Stretch Button Shorts

Price: $19.99
Sizes: S - 5XL

There is no better bottom option for guys on the market right now! These spectacular Weekender Stretch Button Shorts are prepared for any occasion or event you may be headed to. With a stellar elasticized waistband, you can reach your peak comfort the second you slip them on. Made with 20% Elastane-Spandex & 80% Cotton, these durable shorts are sure to stand the test of time, and also have amazing ventilation to keep you cool when you need it most! Unique to these bottoms, give yourself added protection against the sun with the UPF 20 built-in sun protection. They work excellently against the sun’s UV rays keeping your skin safe. Grab your favorite color, choose your size, and get ready for a pair of shorts that will change the way you dress forever! 

Bottoms for Girls: Trending TikTok Leggings

Price: $19.99
Sizes: S - 5XL

Most of you may have already seen these, but we thought the Trending TikTok Leggings would work absolutely perfectly with the top we chose! Coming from Rachly, this version of the leggings is built with maximum comfort in mind, while also clocking in at a mere $29.99! Compared to your classic Lululemon or TNA yoga pants, these are an absolute steal. Equipped with a four-way stretch material, be as flexible as you want, and stay cool with the sweat-wicking feature added within! Pair these amazing leggings with your favorite go-to shirt (Or our excellent choice!) and be blown away by the beauty you radiate. Overall, these pants are unbeatable in the market right now and are sure to amaze you. Don’t break the bank, buy sustainably and affordably with Rachly! 

Footwear for Both Guys & Girls: Smile Cushion Slides

Price: $19.99
Sizes: S - 5XL

We have reached our final section. This segment is like no other on this list because we thought these slides were the perfect choice for both guys and girls! Coming in three marvelous color options of Black, Yellow, and White, these Smile Cushion Slides are exactly what your outfit needs to be complete. The modern and trendy vibe of these alone is enough for me to want to purchase a pair for myself, but, the comfort aspects of these shoes are unmatched. Made with multi-layer faux wool, feel your feet sink into these clouds every step you take! The warm feeling you get when you slip these on only gets better with each wear. No matter where you are, these slides can make your feet the conversation topic of the night. Wear these to school and instantly notice eyes drawn to your slides, with people constantly asking where you bought them. For a low $19.99, you’re saving $30 off market value and can walk around in the best shoes of your life! 

Overall, our picks for our style guide have made the ultimate back-to-school look for both guys and girls. The unique part about this is that the Smile Cushion Slides are the finishing touches to both fits, meaning that these are the highlight of the guide. Strut your stuff in either of these amazing outfits and gain the confidence you need to succeed this year. Always remember; SMILE MORE!


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