The Internet's Best Footwear Options For 2022

Whether you're currently in the market or on the hunt for that next-best footwear essential, you've come to the right place. Footwear options can be a hard decision when it comes to shopping online, but I'm here today to give you a helping hand in that department. In this post, I'm looking to bring you some of the hottest trending footwear items for you to flaunt in the New Year. Now, as most people know, a New Year comes with New Resolutions, so why not bring footwear into the limelight and create a new style for YOU. So, all you need to do now is sit back, relax, and keep scrolling to find the perfect footwear styles for 2022. Are you ready? I know I am, so here we go! 


Flexi Sandals

Color Options: Black, Grey, Orange, Purple
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Today, I'm excited to get into this list with our first choice. If you've been following social media avidly, you'll know that the Flexi Sandals are a HUGE hit amongst young adults looking to improve their footwear collection. With a bunch of cool color options to choose from you can grab yourself the perfect pair of sandals for your everyday activities. Safe to say having a pair of Flexi Sandals in your repertoire is the perfect way to start the new year! 


Soco Sands - Comfort Slip-On Sandals

Color Options: Blue, Black, Pink, All Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green

Moving down our spectacular list of footwear options, we've got a massive E-Commerce wave that is sure to bring a lovely warming vibe to your lifestyle. The team at Soco Sands brings you the Comfort Slip-On Sandals! These amazing slip-on sandals have become a huge hit with their customer base, and have now entered the homes of thousands in the country. With a wide variety of colors to choose from and an unbeatable price point, you truly can't go wrong picking up a pair of these superb slip-ons. 


Cloud Cushion Slides

Color Options: Blue, Black, Pink, Beige, Red, Yellow, Orange

Coming in at one spot shy of the crown, give a warm welcome to the spectacular Cloud Cushion Slides! These marvellous sandals are made with EVA Compression material to bring you comfort with every step. The Cloud Slides also bring a unique 15-degree angled sole to help relieve muscle & joint pain throughout your lower body. Having a pair of these guys is sure to leave you with nothing but the finest of comfortability and will have you walking about all day long! 


Smile Cushion Slides

Color Options: White, Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue

Claiming the throne atop this list of splendid footwear options is the TikTok famous Smile Cushion Slides! These unique slippers feature a faux wool composition that keeps your feet toasty all day long. Not only that, but these slip-ons are excellent when it comes to maintaining heat. With multiple tremendous colors to choose from, you can't go wrong picking up a pair in your favorite colorway. Just as a little bonus, these guys are fantastic when it comes to price point, so don't worry about breaking the bank on your next footwear outing! 

Here we are, we've made it to the end of the list. These four spectacular options are sure to keep your feet comfy & cozy with every step you take. With such a wide variety in color & style, I'm sure this list was able to narrow down your footwear option search. I hope you've enjoyed reading through this list and I hope 2022 treats you better than ever! Let us know what your favorite pair was, we're curious to see which product's the top pick. 

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