What The Color You Choose Says About You!

Welcome to the New Year! Have you purchased your Smile Cushion Slides yet? These slides are warm, comfy and are the perfect addition to your shoe collection. The fuzziness within the slides adhere to your must haves with comfortability. Our Smile Cushion Slides come in various colors, which will you choose? And what does that say about you?
If you chose the color white
For some, the color white is more likely to be organized and logical. They believe in a clean and tidy life, with zero clutter; whether that be tangible or not. If white is the color you choose, this must mean you are independent, strong and intuitive.
If you chose the color black

The color black is a very prominent color; it is associated with mystery and power. Black can evoke a sense of mystery, but it can also evoke a sense of elegance. If black is the color you add to your cart, this must mean you are an extrovert who focuses on the little details in life.

If you chose the color pink

For most, this colour represents love and romance. Those who admire the color pink are said to express themselves in a good way along with connecting well with the environment around them. If you have added this color to your cart, this must mean you accept all and love unconditionally. If you chose the color yellow

Yellow represents sunshine. It is connected to enjoying the act of learning and sharing your knowledge. Happiness is around you, so if you picked yellow this must mean you are welcoming, caring and joyful; like a ray of sunshine!

If you chose the color blue

Blue symbolizes collectiveness, harmony and calmness; this color acts as a positive endorsement. This means individuals who like the color blue are more than likely to be more sensitive towards others feelings. If you have selected the color blue, this must mean you are always thinking about others and that you are constantly reliable.


The team here at Smile Cushion Slides hope you find the perfect pair for you! Every color is a must have and every color has a different uniqueness. 

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