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Headed Back To School? Here's Our Ultimate Style Guide!

With Summer 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your Back To School Shopping Checklist. This classic tradition usually involves grabbing all the gear you need to make sure you’re prepared for your big first day, but, most importantly, this checklist gives you an excuse to update your closet and grab a few new outfits! No matter what your fashion style is, there’s always room in your wardrobe to add a few new pieces to your collection.  One common issue with this is that a good majority of students aren’t a fan of spending a precious summer day aimlessly looking through stores trying to find their perfect outfit items. After browsing through four stores you may...

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Why These Smile Cushion Slides are Perfect for Winter!

No matter where you are in the world, we've all experienced the sheer cold weather that the Winter months bring. Every year we try to find that perfect item to help us stay warm during the season, could be your favorite jacket, snow pants, toque, gloves, etc. Sometimes these items just aren't enough. You need even more to tackle the drastically cold temperatures of the great outdoors. Well, say goodbye to all your Winter worries this year, we're here to save the day for you and your family. Smile Cushion Slides are a brand new hot commodity on the market right now. These simple and unique pillow-like slip-ons are sure to send those Winter shivers away and keep your feet cozy,...

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